Welcome to Moody Compress and Warehouse Online! 

Celebrating over 75 years of Service!


All of us at Moody Compress and Warehouse Company are committed to providing an outstanding level of service to our Customers.  If you would like additional information regarding the wide range of warehousing, distribution, and other services provided by Moody Compress and Warehouse Company, please contact our General Manager, Larry Kindel.  Larry has been associated with Moody Compress and Warehouse Company for over 30 years and possesses a wealth of experience in handling your warehousing needs.


Please contact Larry at 409.763.6401, by fax at 409.763.6402, or by e-mail at warehouse@moodycompress.com

For leasing of warehouse space or storage of goods other than cotton, contact Bragg Smith at 214.528.9800, or by e-mail at ebsmithco@aol.com




Warehouse Contact Information:

Phone:  409.763.6401

Fax:  409.763.6402

Address:  4906 Broadway, Galveston, TX  77551

Postal Address:  P.O. Box 3578, Galveston, TX  77552




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