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Bragg Smith, President of Eugene B. Smith & Company, Inc., the parent company of Moody Compress and Warehouse Company, is a past President and Chairman of the Cotton Warehouse Association of America (CWAA). Bragg and his father, Eugene B. Smith, Jr. are the only father and son to both hold the position of CWAA President while still active association members.  The Company is proud that the Cotton Warehouse Association of America honored Bragg and his father by electing them to lead to CWAA and what that says about the caliber of management at Moody Compress and Warehouse Company.  Among other offices Bragg has held, he has served on the prestigious National Cotton Council as a Board Member as well as on its Executive Committee.   


In other news..............Moody Compress and Warehouse Co., is geared for another banner year!  We look forward to filling your warehouse and distribution needs this year and for years to come.


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